Hi, I’m Arturr.

If you are reading this text, it means that you are intrigued by this unconventional website created by specialists from Apostrophe. Through my skin, I feel that you are an enthusiast of hand-made objects that arise from the need to commune with nature. Things that are timeless, beautiful, minimalistic and practical at the same time. The lamps that you can find here follow the classic trends in design and ecology. Minimalism is art, ecology is a sign of our times. I will add to these two features one more, equally important – your safety. I took care of them. The entire family of LEEA lamps has undergone a series of tests and received the CE safety and compliance certificate. These three pillars on which I decided to build this brand are timeless and at the same time very obvious.

Do you want to know more?

How, why and by whom?
The whole story related to the LEEA lamp series had an unusual beginning, namely it began with my wife’s request. She asked me to make a lamp for the house, different from the others. Natural, one that will put us in a good mood every time and at the same time will be an original addition in the living room. What friends will “talk” about. It is more and more difficult for me to surprise her with something new :). Okay. Ambitious, I thought. A pencil and a piece of paper in hand, because a concept appears in the head. The studio creates the first outline, the first sketch. It’s good…

The tools went further. The project absorbed me so much that as time passed, more standing and hanging ones were created. This is how the LEEA brand, a family of floor and pendant lamps, was created over time. The project implements my passion, which becomes the implementation of previous concepts about working with wood. As we live surrounded by forests, the idea that guided me in working on the project was to return to nature and the materials it offers.

LEEA lamps are a combination of a warm and natural climate that gives wood with the modernity and elegance of stainless steel. The materials and components that I use for the production of both lampshades and tripods are selected veneers as well as oak and ash wood from native forests. The whole is finished with natural oils and oil-waxes that bring out the noble character of the rings and emphasize the final effect of the lamp.

I adhere to the principle that nature should not be improved because it defends itself well.

By choosing the right material and form, you can bring out the elegance, charm and uniqueness of the wood.

I hope that you have chosen one of the LEEA lamps on this website, just like us – it will give you a lot of satisfaction. I am convinced that the lamp you choose will make the coffee drunk under it tastier, you will not be able to tear yourself away from the book, there will be no end to conversations and the place where you put it will become your oasis of peace.

LEEA lamps can be placed or hung basically anywhere. The only limitation is your fantasy. Thanks to the different heights of the stands and the diameter of the lampshades, it can be perfectly matched to the surface and height of the room in which it is to stand or hang.

I will not write that LEEA lamps fit perfectly into classic, modern, loft or Scandinavian interiors. I do not want to limit you, you decide about the space in which you feel best. Release endorphins, give vent to your ideas, play with your home interior, compose, change and enjoy the effects.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the website and I wish you a lot of emotions when choosing …

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