In line with this saying, I invite you to cooperate with Creative Architects, Interior Decorators and people in love with natural materials. Everyone for whom interiors and commercial spaces are their life and passion which they devote themselves to creating unique and unique things.

In search of inspiration and lamps that meet your expectations, I invite you to cooperate with 3TM-LAMPS. Together, we will create naturally unique projects. I offer you high-quality lamps made of veneers, wood and stainless steel. Timeless forms that perfectly harmonize with some trends and boldly break others

The shades and sizes of the lamps will perfectly complement even the most demanding interior or space. Classic-size LEEA lamps feel great in traditional rooms where, apart from lamps, you need to fit a few other pieces of furniture, and their taller friends, also LEEA, visually harmonize very well with larger spaces, maintaining full harmony and proportions in them.

Thinking about you and your projects, please contact me at:

          mail:                         info@3tm-lamps.com

          phone number:      +48789418898

LEEA lamps have CE certificates of conformity which can be found in the download tab.

Feel free to contact me to arrange the details