LEEA lamps

What makes LEEA lamps unique and timeless is the classic design broken with modern details. The hallmarks of LEEA lamps are natural and unique materials, early mornings and long evenings spent working on the quality of workmanship. It is liters of coffee, wounded hands and happiness accompanying the process of creation. The end effect you see is the result of an individual approach to details at every stage of their creation.

The process of making. Your and my expectations ...

I make every effort to ensure that my lamps are like tailor-made, well-tailored suits, which are made with the use of the most perfect and reliable tools, which are human hands. From LEEA lamps, I expect them to complement your aesthetics, the dream space that you create so intricately, the icing on the cake, the topic of conversation. I not only fulfill your need, your order, but I take responsibility for it.

Inspirations. What distinguishes LEEA lamps

Imagine a unique lamp made of natural veneer in your interior, in white, shades of gray or even black – it’s true that it is possible. Wood gives peace, brings warmth and nature that we miss. LEEA lamps are 100% hand-made. Craftsmanship in the best sense of the word. Each wooden element of LEEA lamps, such as the lampshade and the base, is coated with natural oils, the composition of which was created through trials and selection. The structure and surface of the wood used to make the lamp means that there will never be two identical copies. Each of the LEEA lamps is naturally unique.

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Your comfort and safety

LEEA lamps mean not only the appearance but also the safety of use. Taking care of your comfort and peace of mind, my LEEA lamps have the CE marking, i.e. the European conformity mark, which proves the appropriate level of product safety. This means that a product that meets the safety requirements and marked with the CE mark is safe and correctly constructed.